Is a Celebrant ceremony legally binding?

Ceremonies are a celebration of an event. To have a legally recognised marriage, you must first attend with the Registrar in your jurisdiction (the HSE in Ireland).

Many couples travel to Ireland from overseas to celebrate a marriage that has already taken place in their own country.

How do we legally register our marriage?

For Irish residents, everything you need to know about a civil ceremony is here. If you are coming to Ireland to marry, you may need a Visa. General information regarding getting married is set out by Citizens Information and is very thorough.

Can you have a ceremony anywhere?

Yes; as I am not legally marrying you, the location and time of your celebration is not restricted by law. That said, sometimes practicality has to come into it and locations assessed for suitability for you, your guests and my safety and comfort.

What time can we get married at?

As the ceremony is just that, a ceremony, it can take place at a time to suit you and your guests. Your chosen venue may have a say in the matter and for beach weddings, the tide will play a huge part in deciding the time! Likewise, street ceremonies or elopements are best held outside rush hour or busy times. If you’re unsure of timings, I can assist.

What geographic area do you cover?

I have a car and a passport so distance is no barrier! Depending on the location, travel costs will be factored into the fee.

I don’t live in Ireland, how do we communicate?

Superfast broadband and a Skype account make life very easy! I’m also available via Facetime and for face to face meetings.

I am self employed and have flexible working hours. In other words, we will chat at a time and place (virtual or real) to suit you, your time zone or working hours.