Ceremony Rituals

There are multiple ways to embellish a ceremony and new trends come into being on a regular basis. I have a particular grá for Celtic traditions but, as a professional celebrant, it is my role to suggest a ritual to suit you and your personality. Some of the most popular rituals are below.


Handfasting – an ancient Celtic tradition – is where the phrase tying the knot originated.

Made popular in Outlander, and Game of Thrones, Prince William and Princess Catherine’s wedding in 2011 also drew attention to the tradition.  

The colours of ribbons or ties used represent various traits, red for passion, blue for devotion, yellow for balance.

Couples might also use their favourite football colours or team colours – it’s your day after all!


Ring Warming

Ring warming – another Irish tradition where guests take a moment to hold the wedding rings and make a wish for the couples future before returning them to be placed forever on the couples fingers. Perfect for smaller weddings; a symbolic ring warming can be designed for a large group. A little bit of imagination is all you need!

Sand Blending

Sand blending – a relatively new trend and particularly symbolic when two familes are blending together. Children are encouraged to add their layer of sand (usually multiple colours are used) to that of their parents and siblings. Another version, especially lovely for the joining of two nationalities, or two different counties, is when the sand from each country or county is blended together.

Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom – claimed as Scottish, Irish and West African (which makes me smile, a huge world but joined together in our ceremonies and celebrations!), this is performed by the couple at the end of the ceremony and signifies their new start, sweeping away their old lives. It’s a great photo opportunity too!

There are many rituals in wedding traditions globally. I love searching them out so don’t be afraid to ask if you can’t find something to suit your personality and beliefs.