Celebration Services

When you say ‘Celebrant’ people think ‘ Wedding’ but there’s so much more to life than getting married!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I celebrate every day (some days I’d rather have a lie in!) but to me, there are occasions in life that, while ordinary in that everyone experiences them, should be celebrated as extraordinary. There may be 7 billion of us on this planet but each and every one of us is unique. That’s something to celebrate in itself!

Naming Days

Many families chose to have a secular service to celebrate the arrival of a new member of the clan. These can be simple ceremonies, welcoming the baby in to the family and introducing them by name to the gathered party, or something a little bit more elaborate. Readings, music, rituals involving parents, family, guardians; whatever you can imagine, I can deliver in a format to suit. With babies, don’t forget a short ceremony is best as they don’t know it’s their big day and if they want to cry, they will! A longer format is a beautiful way to introduce a new family member who is a little bit older; a newly adopted or fostered child or a child joining a blended family. It’s a lovely way to introduce the family and to celebrate their arrival.

Coming of Age

Society has marked various stages in a persons life since time immemorial. Key ages tend to work around that magic number, 7! 7, 14, 21 – all big dates in a young person’s time line. Whatever age you wish to celebrate, I will prepare a ceremony to include the life story so far, the hopes and dreams of the child’s parents and guardians and readings or music to suit their personality.


Commitment Ceremonies

Some people just don’t like the idea of being married. Commitment isn’t an issue for them but there’s just something about putting it into a legal context that makes them anxious. Commitment ceremonies are a perfect solution. Similar to a wedding celebration, vows can be exchanged, stories told and music played. A ritual such as hand fasting is ideal; in some Celtic traditions, hand fasting was used as a commitment – bound for a year and a day and then, at that end of that time, the couple could commit or walk away. Probably best not to mention the ‘walking away’ option at a celebration though!!

Vow Renewals

There’s something special about renewing vows. Some couples do so on a significant anniversary such as their 10th, 25th or 40th. Other couples celebrate their vow renewals following an illness or with refreshing honesty, after a particularly tough time in their marriage. Whatever the reason, I can write and deliver the perfect ceremony for you.

Memorial Services

As cremations grow in popularity in Ireland, people are searching for an appropriate way to commemorate their loved one. A Memorial Service enables friends and family to gather and celebrate the life of their loved ones. As with all my ceremonies, a Memorial Service is written especially for my clients, it can be entirely delivered by me or family members can be involved in telling their favourite story or reading or music.

The beauty of a Memorial Service is that it can take place at a time and venue to suit you.

Memorial services are also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of someone who lived and died abroad.


Another coming of age ceremony; sometimes we just don’t have the words to thank our co-workers for the impact they have had on our lives. These ceremonies tend to be shorter and are a great way to resolve the problem of who in work is going to deliver the speech. I will meet and gather information on the retiree from co-workers and deliver a story that captures their time of service, adding in their own wishes for the future.

Whatever the occasion

I will write a ceremony to suit you. If you can’t find the right words, I’m the woman for the job. I have words at will and am delighted to share them. I can attend and deliver the story or ceremony or simply write a story for you. Let’s have a chat and see what suits you best.