About Me

About Rosemary Hartigan

I love meeting new people. I have a natural curiosity that I have finally channelled into a legitimate way of asking questions. I love a good love story and sharing good news and joyful occasions with others. I love to research wedding traditions, songs and readings; there’s nothing quite like the challenge of finding the perfect words for a ceremony.

I love weddings and family celebrations. The food, the music, the dancing (even though I can’t/don’t dance). I find a lot of weddings are about the party and not the marriage. I want to change that by putting the focus on back on the reason why we are gathered together. By listening to the story of the couple and joining in the celebration of their love for each other, we give them the greatest wedding gift of all.

I’ve also spent my life listening to people sing “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” when they hear my name (check out Edison Lighthouse) and perhaps that has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, if you want a Celebrant full of enthusiasm, joy and quirky facts about wedding traditions, I’m your woman; I am a HSE Registered Solemniser and can provide legal or symbolic weddings.

If you want someone to lead a flashmob…… I don’t dance, remember?

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