Rosemary Hartigan

Celebrant & Solemniser

About Rosemary Hartigan

I love meeting new people. I have a natural curiosity that I have finally channelled into a legitimate way of asking questions. I love a good love story and sharing good news and joyful occasions with others. I love to research wedding traditions, songs and readings; there’s nothing quite like the challenge of finding the perfect words for a ceremony.

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Why Have a Celebrant Ceremony?

The flexibility of using a whatever music or spoken words you like, secular, religious or a combination of both.

The flexibility of combining your beliefs and traditions if you are in an inter-faith, inter-racial or culturally diverse relationship.

The flexibility of having your wedding celebration at a time (outside office hours if you wish) and place, to suit you.


Why Use Rosemary Hartigan

You want your unique story told to friends and family? I can do this.

You want a mix of religious and secular readings and music? I can source them for you.

You want a ceremony ritual, hand fasting perhaps? I can do this and, better again, I will explain the significance of the act to your guests.

You want a celebrant who knows how to keep your guests engaged? I can do this.

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When you say ‘Celebrant’ people think ‘ Wedding’ but there’s so much more to life than getting married!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I celebrate every day (some days I’d rather have a lie in!) but to me, there are occasions in life that, while ordinary in that everyone experiences them, should be celebrated as extraordinary. There may be 7 billion of us on this planet but each and every one of us is unique. That’s something to celebrate in itself!


There are multiple ways to embellish a ceremony and new trends come into being on a regular basis. I have a particular grá for Celtic traditions but, as a professional celebrant, it is my role to suggest a ritual to suit you and your personality.

To find out more about some of the most popular rituals, get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Celebrant ceremony legally binding?

How do we legally register our marriage?

Can you have a ceremony anywhere?

What time can we get married at?


To be fair, most people have a good idea of what they want in their celebration ceremony. Some might need some directions to words and music. Others just can’t manage to write their vows. My input can vary from writing just the love story element of a ceremony and delivering it along with the chosen format or formulating a ceremony from start to finish.

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