Rosemary Hartigan

Celebrant & Solemniser

About Rosemary Hartigan

As a registered Solemniser, I can conduct legal wedding ceremonies anywhere on the island of Ireland. 

As a member of Entheos Ireland, a non denominational organisation, I provide freedom of choice for couples and families of all faiths and none.

I have worked as a Celebrant since 2018.  Over the years I’ve travelled around Ireland for weddings, as well as delievering symbolic wedding ceremonies in Italy, Rhodes, and the UK.  

I have a B.A in Culture & Heritage Studies, and a Post Grad in Public History & Cultural Heritage.  I also have a Diploma in Public Relations, and Event Management.  

Having always worked in customer focussed environments, combined with my qualifications and a love of meeting new people, the role of Celebrant is a perfect fit for me. 

I have a natural curiosity that I have finally channelled into a legitimate way of asking questions. I love a good love story and sharing good news and joyful occasions with others. I love to research wedding traditions, songs and readings; there’s nothing quite like the challenge of finding the perfect words for a ceremony.

I love weddings and family celebrations. The food, the music, the dancing (even though I can’t/don’t dance). I find a lot of weddings are about the party and not the marriage. I want to change that by putting the focus on back on the reason why we are gathered together. By listening to the story of the couple and joining in the celebration of their love for each other, we give them the greatest wedding gift of all.

I’ve also spent my life listening to people sing “Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes” when they hear my name (check out Edison Lighthouse) and perhaps that has something to do with it. Whatever the reason, if you want a Celebrant full of enthusiasm, joy and quirky facts about wedding traditions, I’m that Celebrant.

If you want someone to lead a flashmob…… I don’t dance, remember?

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Durhamstown Castle Wedding - Image : Roger Kenny Portrait Room


Why Have a Celebrant Ceremony?

The flexibility of using a whatever music or spoken words you like, secular, religious or a combination of both.

The flexibility of combining your beliefs and traditions if you are in an inter-faith, inter-racial or culturally diverse relationship.

The flexibility of having your wedding ceremony at a time (outside office hours if you wish) and place, to suit you.


Why Use Rosemary Hartigan

You want your unique story told to friends and family? I have excellent creative writing skills, as well as an engaging manner of delivery.

You want a mix of religious and secular readings and music? I can source them for you. 

You want a ceremony ritual, hand fasting perhaps? I can do this and, better again, I will explain the significance of the act to your guests.

You want a celebrant who knows how to keep your guests engaged? I am an experienced public speaker, and react quickly to a dynamic situation – from small children with running commentaries, to  the ever changing Irish weather at an outdoor wedding.

So, what’s next?

Contact me, either by phone, email or text and we will agree a time and date for a preliminary consultation. It’s free and can be in person or via Zoom or Whatsapp.  

I am fully insured and belong to a professional network of Celebrants, both in Ireland and Internationally. 

What my clients say

“We absolutely loved working with Rosemary. She was very intuitive, fun, kind, professional . Rosemary not only wrote a beautiful ceremony and delivered a beautiful ceremony but she also did so much of the organising which made the whole experience run so smoothly. I fully trusted rosemary in all aspects of the ceremony. She delivered a very special part of the day for us. Highly recommend” – Stephen & Sue

“Rosemary was absolutely brilliant! As soon as we first made contact with her we knew that she was the one to officiate our wedding. She was warm, kind, professional and put us at ease immediately. On the day everything went as it should, even exceeding our expectations.
Our family and friends couldn’t compliment the ceremony enough and it was so so special hearing our story on the day.
The lead up to the big day was so easy with Rosemary and we used to enjoy our calls with her. We got to know each other on a personable level and we now have a friend in Rosemary” Aoife & Donnacha


When you say ‘Celebrant’ people think ‘ Wedding’ but there’s so much more to life than getting married!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I celebrate every day (some days I’d rather have a lie in!) but to me, there are occasions in life that, while ordinary in that everyone experiences them, should be celebrated as extraordinary. 

From the arrival of a new family member – the birth of a baby, an adoption, transition, or the creation of a blended family – this is a great opportunity to introduce a child through a Naming Ceremony.

Milestone Ceremonies mark the traditional coming of age stages in a child’s life – alternatives to a christening, first communion, or confirmation.  These can also be celebrated in tandem with church based ceremonies.


There may be 7 billion of us on this planet but each and every one of us is unique. That’s something to celebrate in itself!


There are multiple ways to embellish a ceremony and new trends come into being on a regular basis. I have a particular grá for Celtic traditions but, as a professional celebrant, it is my role to suggest a ritual to suit you and your personality.

To find out more about some of the most popular rituals, get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Celebrant ceremony legally binding?  I am a registered Solemniser and can complete the legal element of your marriage.  I also design and deliver Symbolic ceremonies for couples who have married in the Registry office or overseas.

How do we legally register our marriage?  The marriage registration form (MRF) that has been signed by the couple, their witnesses and me, their Solemniser, must be returned to the Registry Office within 30 days of the wedding day.

Can you have a ceremony anywhere? A legal wedding can be conducted by a Solemniser in any venue that is generally open to the public.  The wedding venue must have an identifiable address.  Symbolic ceremonies can take place in a private dwelling, garden, or countryside.

What time can we get married at? You can get married at any time of the day, evening, or night, and on any day of the week.


To be fair, most people have a good idea of what they want in their celebration ceremony. Some might need some directions to words and music and have a clear idea of what they don’t want!  

A conversation with a couple might stir a memory of a poem, reading, or song lyrics that capture their personalities and life together. 

Following the initial chat with a couple, I send a questionnaire that captures much of the information needed – it also offers suggestions for elements of the ceremony and asks ‘who will do this’ – readers, singers, candle lighters and all those other roles within a wedding ceremony.

We then meet, usually just once more, but as often as needed, to finalise the running order, complete the story element of the wedding, and allocate roles to members of the wedding party and to guests.

I print off all the readings and hand them out on the day.  By the time the wedding day is upon us, everyone knows their role, knows to trust my direction, and the result? A relaxed, joyful celebration!